YT Body’s Guide to: Post-wax Care


YT Body’s Guide to: Post-wax Care

At YT Body, we tailor waxing treatments to suit your skin and hair type and to avoid problems with your skin. By following these tips, most clients won't experience reactions beyond redness and minor irritations:

Immediately following your waxing service:

Moisturise your skin daily after a waxing treatment, with either tea tree oil, lavender oil or a product containing witch hazel. If you don’t have these items in the cupboard you can pick them up at YT on the day. Directly after your wax, stay away from baths and hot showers to allow your skin to calm down directly after waxing.

Avoid tight clothing after waxing, especially in the waxed areas. Tight clothing might cause irritation and ingrown hairs.

Avoid the following for the next day after your waxing service:

  • swimming in chlorinated pools or the beach

  • heavy (sweaty) exercise

  • applying deodorant to the affected areas

Avoid the following for 2 days after your waxing service:

  • heavy sun & solarium exposure

  • saunas

  • steam rooms

  • spas

  • other heat sources, whether they start with 'S' or not

So, if you want to show off at the beach on the weekend, plan accordingly.

Avoid the following for 3 days after your waxing service:

Avoid using exfoliating products as they might irritate your skin. 

After 3 days, however, we recommend The Groomed Man Co.’s Activated Charcoal & Bamboo Body Scrub (available to buy at YT Body).

After 72 hours are up, we recommend the following to keep your skin on the right track:

Loofah two to three times a week in the shower. Avoid using natural loofahs as bacteria can thrive in the fibres; we reckon synthetic gloves are the best alternative.

Cleanse with a tea tree wash, then rinse thoroughly to remove all soap and dry yourself, ideally in front of a fan instead of a towel if you’re seeing any lasting irritation.

Don't pick at those ingrown hairs, even though they're ugly - it may cause scarring and infection. If you do suffer from ingrown hairs, we can guide you on some over the counter treatments or come in to YT Body and we will remove them professionally and hygienically.

Don't shave in between waxing, as this distorts the hair growth cycle. We recommend that waxing treatments are scheduled every four to six weeks, though this varies for everyone. When you come in, ask us about the duration required for your waxing treatments to maintain that new smooth skin.

Pre-Wax Pro Tips!

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Here's a couple things that we suggest that you do before your waxing appointment at YT Body. 

Take a warm shower.

Warm, not hot, as this can make the skin more sensitive. It'll help open your pores, which makes removing the hair easier. 

Scrub it down.

Exfoliate your body with a body scrub. This removes dead skin cells and oils left behind by soaps and moisturisers, and that means the wax will be able to grab hold of the hair more easily, quickly and painlessly. 

Kill the pain.

If you’re feeling sensitive, and if your doctor agrees, drop a basic painkiller half an hour before your wax. It can help with the pain if you need it, but we reckon you will be just fine. 

Relax, buddy.

If it’s your first time you might be a bit apprehensive, and so the best thing you can do is chill. The more that you tense, you are more likely to feel the pain, so try and remember the lessons from that yoga class you did that one time. Otherwise, take the focus away by requesting some favourite tunes, or just strike up a conversation with our Men’s Grooming Expert, Fiona. 

Don’t wait too long.

If you have had it done once, don’t leave it until your hair grows back to its natural length again. Once your hair has reached a length of a quarter of an inch (or 6.35mm for those on the metric system), book an appointment and ride the lightning – you’ll have it tamed in no time.

Don’t drink & wax.

Try not to avoid drinking caffeine or alcohol for a few hours before your waxing. The chemicals can make your skin more sensitive and increase any pain.

Don’t freeze.

Every now and then someone thinks it will be a clever idea to numb their skin with ice…it’s a bad idea; the cold will tighten your pores, making the hairs harder to remove, making your experience less pleasant. 

Don’t run late.

Being on time means you can keep calm and relaxed, which is a no brainer. 

Waxing versus shaving – the ULTIMATE debate

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Smoother Skin

Hands down, waxing wins on this one. When your skin is waxed, not only are you removing the hair, but the dead cells in the area are also exfoliated, so your skin is doubly soft to the touch. The kinds of waxes which we use at YT Body also contain moisturising lotions which only adds to that smooth feel. So it’s goodbye hairy & dry skin, hello smooth and soft. Your significant other is going to love you for it!

The Pain!

Every one of your mates is going to chirp up that waxing hurts like hell. Sure, it can be uncomfortable and in more sensitive areas it might feel like childbirth (we assume), but you get used to it and learn how to deal with it. Shaving is generally less painful, but razor burn is no fun, and the first time you nick one of the boys shaving in the shower will be the last time you want to! And honestly, if your mum, your girlfriend and your sister can deal with it, so can you. 

The Long Game

If your long-term goal is to be smooth, whether it’s for the look, the feel or literally any reason you want (it’s seriously none of our business), then waxing is your best bet. When you wax an area repeatedly, the hair growth in that area reduces overtime. The hair follicles get damaged and the hair that grows is less healthy and comparatively thinner since its roots have been weakened. While it’s not true that shaving makes your hair grow back thicker, it definitely doesn’t discourage future growth like waxing does.

Lasting Effects

Because waxing removes the hair buy its roots, for most guys it’s going to keep you smooth and svelte for up to three weeks. Depending on your hair type, you might enjoy smooth skin for as many as six weeks when you wax instead of shave. How long are you going to stay smooth from shaving? It’s an easy experiment with a razor and an easily concealed test patch on your leg or chest. Have a go and we’ll wait…